facts about antarctica

  • Antarctica is the coldest location on earth.

  • In Antarctica it has not rained for years so it is technically a desert.

  • Most of Antarctica is covered in ice.

  • It was once warm in Antarctica on the 21st of July 1983.

  • About ten people have been born in Antarctica.

  • The largest land animal is the wingless midge.

  • Antarctica holds most of the world's fresh,clean water.

  • Leopard seals can live up to 26 years old in the wild.

  • Antarctica used to be as warm as Melbourne.

These are Antarctica facts for kids or adults!

The wingless midge


Q.Where do the penguins go to dance?

A. At the snow ball!

Q.Who's the penguins favourite Aunt?

A. Aunt-Arctica!

Q.What does an evil penguin lay?

A. Deviled eggs!

Daughter: "Mum can I have a penguin for Christmas?"

Mum:"No, you can have turkey like everyone else!'

Q. Why did the pack ice close in on the boat?

A.  Because the boat was packed!



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